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CUCAT Student Resources

Resources for use by students enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy for the Vision Impaired (CAVI). Explanation text is below the links in a heading level 2 section

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If you wish to check the time of your lectures please look at the Course Schedule

The time in Perth, Australia is Saturday, July 13, 2024 13:22:22 AWST. Click here for current time in other time zones.

To log into the cisco network academy site please go to

Ciscovision Student Resources

Course Curriculum

To view the CCNA curriculums and access the assessment system, you will need a JavaScript enabled browser with Adobe Flash

Explanation of sections

The course names take you to sections containing materials for each course such as module and exam diagram descriptions, converted worksheets and audio lectures. You can access the curriculums through each of these sections, or from the direct curriculum links

General Instructions contains text documents and audio tutorials about aspects of participating in the course.

CAVI Casts formerly known as Thursday Chats are lectures on a special subject of interest, some of them are given by guest speakers.

Extras contains software that may be useful to students in participating in the course. Note that this software archive is not kept up to date with the latest versions of software, it is provided as a convenience. Please check the manufacturer websites for the latest versions of software.

Virtual Machines contains virtual images used in ITE coursework. This area is password protected. The password must be obtained from the instructors.

Email Communication

Because of the remote nature of the courses, the primary means of communication with students is via email.

For security reasons the following email addresses are not given in email address form or as hyperlinks. You will need to reassemble the Email addresses from the descriptions below

Mailing Lists

listname: cavi-announce. cavi-announce is where the instructors announce important information such as changes in lecture times, announcements of assessments and posting of extension labs. Students do not post to this list. All students must be subscribed to this list

listname: cavi-discuss. cavi-discuss is where students are encouraged to discuss aspects of the coursework with each other.

To subscribe to the lists, update list subscriptions (such as email address) and view list archives, the form of the URL is replacing listname with either cavi-announce or cavi-discuss as outlined above. Archives can be viewed at www dot ciscovision dot org slash pipermail slash listname. When subscribed, email can be sent to the list by sending to listname at ciscovision dot org.

Contact the instructors

The instructors can be contacted by emailing cavi dash instructors at ciscovision dot org.


To take assessments students must access the website Notes on how to access the relevant elements on this site are in a text document called accessing cisco site. This document can be found in the General Instructions section above.