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CUCAT Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility is an increasingly important consideration for any organization presenting itself to the public on or off the internet. Increasingly organizations find the need to insure access to their information to persons with disabilities ranging from blindness and deafness to print disabilities such as dyslexia. These requirements are found in law and well as being a simply good business practice.

CUCAT Accessibility Consulting offers your business, organization or group a wide range of services to ensure that your website, software or other technology related goods and services are accessible to all of your users. These services include.

Website Accessibility
CUCAT's experts in accessible website design will review your site for any accessibility issues and make recommendations for any needed changes. In addition we can provide coding services to insure compliance with existing accessibility standards as required by various governmental agencies and rules world wide.
Cross Platform Compliance
CUCAT Accessibility Consulting offers a unique service of insuring your site is compatible with accessibility technologies in all three major computing platforms (Windows, Macintosh and Linux).
Cross Disability
We offer services not only for dealing with issues of blindness but also captioning for the deaf and design issues effecting the print disabled as well. We use skilled professionals who have these disorders to insure that our solutions meet real world needs and are not just meeting the standard.
Design Services
Our website review team includes professional graphic designers to insure that any solutions we offer or suggest will be visually appealing as well as accessible.
Software Consulting
We can offer accessibility consulting and testing for software developer to insure that product under development meet accessibility standards on any computing platform. We specialize in Macintosh VoiceOver compatibility.
Document Transformation
CUCAT Accessibility Consulting can transform your documents and documentation into alternate formats such as Braille and DAISY digital talking books. We can also arrange to hold such documents in our online library of such works.
Mac Accessible Testing Program
A CUCAT program to insure that your Macintosh applications and hardware products as meeting a high level of accessibility standards for use by the blind, deaf, print disabled and others with handicapping conditions.

CUCAT Accessibility Consulting can perform these and other services in a wide range of languages and, as needed, locations. We service Australia, the Commonwealth nations and the United States as well as clients world wide.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote on our services or to ask any questions at the contacts listed below

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Iain Murray
Centre for Accessible Technology
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East Victoria Park , WA , 6101 Australia
+61 8 9266 4540

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