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Mac Accessible Testing Program

Mac Accessible Testing Program is a CUCAT program to ensure that your Macintosh applications and hardware products are meeting a high level of accessibility standards for use by the blind, deaf, print disabled and others with similar conditions.

Your customers, both print disabled and non print disabled, will be assured that your applications and products will be usable under Apple's VoiceOver technology was well as other Macintosh systems and services used by the disabled.


CUCAT requires a single copy of your program as supplied to the customer with serial numbers. This can be mailed to either our Australian or United States address or sent to us via email or we can arrange to download the program from your web site.

We would also require contact information for the product so that we can provide you with information on our testing upon passing the testing. In the event you do not pass we will provide a report on what needs to be done to your application. We will also include your product in a searchable database of accessible Macintosh applications and products.


For open source and freeware applications the program and testing process is free of charge. For commercial and shareware applications the cost is the retail cost of the product being tested in Australian or U.S. dollars.

What we test

We will test for compatibility in the following areas as well as others as needed by the product:

Testing of all menus, on screen controls and content areas for VoiceOVer compatibility.
Closed Captioning
Descriptive Audio

More Information

For more information or if you have any questions please contact us at the following addresses:


Iain Murray
Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology
67 Canterbury Tce
East Victoria Park, WA, 6101 Australia
+61 8 9266 4540

United States

Greg Kearney
Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology
535 S. Jackson Street
Casper, WY, 82601 United States