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DTB Tools

These tool are used in the production of digital talking books.

Greg Kearney, September 2008

This Macintosh application will combine the audio of full audio DAISY digital talking books provided that the audio files are named in playable order, in MP3 format and are not encrypted. You can make them into either Mp3 files or iPod audiobook M4B files.
This Macintosh application will create a LaTeX file which can be used to produce a large print PDF document from a DTBook XML file.
This Macintosh application will create a text only DAISY/NISO digital talking book for a full text/full audio DAISY/NISO z3986 file set. There is also a Perl script version
This Macintosh application can be used to configure and load materials to the VictorReader Stream digital talking book player from Humanware. It supports moving tracks from itunes to the Stream as well as creating the special directories required buy the stream an backing up the stream player.
This Perl script is used to transform XML files into proper DTBook XML files that will validate in the DAISY Pipeline and can be transformed by the pipeline into full text/full audio DIASY books as well as other DAISY formats.
Usage: call the program from the command line and direct the output to a file /path/to/bookshare.xml > /path/to/dtbook.xml where dtbook.xml is the name of the new file made from the XML file.
Tesseract GUI
A simple Macintosh GUI to the Tesseract OCR software from Google. It can be used to scan and then OCR into text documents. It is VoiceOver compatible and includes instructions for downloading and installing the needed software.
NOTE: this software requires that you have installed the Tesseract and scanimage software prior to using it. It will check to make sure that such has been done on each launch.
A Macintosh program to assist in cataloguing in libraries. Will calculate cutter numbers, look up code for geographic areas, languages, marc fields and so forth.