CUCAT Olearia

Olearia is a free open source Macintosh based DAISY playback software under development at Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology. When completed Olearia will offer the following features:

Download Public Beta Version

Olearia User Guide A DAISY/NISO book which can be played on Olearia
This is the same text as in the Olearia help in the application.

The beta source code for Olearia can be downloaded from Google Code. Olearia requires the latest Xcode version with the iPhone extensions. Olearia is designed to run under MacOS 10.5 or better only.

DAISY is an international standard for digital talking books for the blind and print disabled.

As some have asked, Olearia got its name from a kind of daisy flower native to Australia.


Below is a selection of Macintosh software tools for working with DAISY books. These tools are free, and open source.

This tool will convert DAISY/NISO 2005 (z3986) books produced by the DAISY Pipeline to Text Only DAISY/NISO 2005 (z3986) books which are readable in some software and hardware players.