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These programs seek to solve the issue of playing text only Daisy books on Daisy playback devices that do not support text to speech such as the DA1 player from the Library of Congress.

This is done by providing a means of converting the bookshare XML file of the text of the book to a proper DTBook XML file that can then be used with the Daisy Pipeline's Narrator script to generate a full text/full audio book.

Please note that books produced in this manner are under the same copyright restrictions as the original Bookshare titles and all water marking is left in place. You should also install the Daisy Pipeline and related tools.

bso2dtbook Perl script

bso2dtbook AppleScript
An AppleScript application with an accessible GUI

bso2dtbook Full AppleScript
An AppleScript which has the Daisy Pipeline built in. It will ask if you want to build the completed Daisy book when run or only generate the DTBook XML file. It has accessible GUI. You will also need to download and install the External Tools package.

External Tools